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Mia Moda Energi Stroller Review

I have four daughters. I have gone through three strollers, so when it came to choosing my fourth and final stroller, I wanted to chose wisely. After many hours of online reading, baby store stroller trials, and endless price comparisons, my husband and I finally decided to bite the bullet and purchase the Mia Moda […]

Online Forex

Q1: When you consider that the foreign exchange market has become the world's largest financial market, with over $ 1.5 trillion USD traded daily, where does it go from here? A1: The FX market is unique, in the UK there is no central exchange, we trade via the inter bank market. With more and more […]

The Ever — Changing, 5 — Step, Ukraine Story

In the same way, we often witness, evolving stories, etc, in how, our political leaders articulate their version of circumstances (especially, those, unfavorable to their personal/ political agenda, and self — interest), the current, ongoing, Ukraine investigation/ inquiry, has demonstrated, the administration of the President, to resort to some degree of distortion, etc, and President […]

6 Examples Of Troubling, Presidential Double — Talk

Many institutions, and individuals, perhaps, cherish, consistency, as much, or more than any other performance/ action. Whether one supports the present occupant of the White House, or not, it should be agreed, this individual often articulates a confusing, contradictory, and, thus, concerning message. Is it, President Trump, simply, changes his mind, mis — speaks, is […]

Ethics In The Workplace

Workplace Ethics is a subject that we have all heard of. In fact, the subject of Ethics in general is something that most people are familiar with. And, what is commonly understood about ethics is there are ethics and then there are workplace ethics. What most people don’t realize, however, is that there is no […]

Sex, Society and the Internet

Sex, society and the Internet. These three explosive topics have elicited a lot of conversation and controversy. Society has always had a fascination with sex. However, over the centuries the fascination has gone from closed doors to open format. What changed society's willingness to discuss and view sex in an open forum? The term Sexual […]

Scandals Of The Winter Olympic Games

The Winter Olympic Games are highly anticipated as they bring the best athletes from all over the world to compete. While there is plenty of publicity that surrounds the Winter Olympic Games, some of it isn't the type of attention that organizers want. The Olympic Games are to be a symbol of peace among countries […]

The Importance and Advantages of Good Business Ethics

A business should have a positive influence on its immediate surroundings and the people that live in the community by creating jobs and playing a significant role in the economical and social welfare of the community. The effect of unethical practices by a business will create a bad reputation and distrust among the employees and […]

Why is it Illegal to Drive Without Auto Insurance?

Now this is a question that people have been asking for quite a while; why is it illegal to drive without any type of auto insurance at all? The answer to this question is very simple at first; but is also very complex as well. The main reason that you cannot legally drive without any […]

Auto Responders — The Basics

When starting a business online, especially making money online, an Auto Responder is a must. I use Aweber. Auto Responders are programs that collect your potential customer's details such as name and email address among other things these assist you in marketing your business and contacting them. Once it has stored these details you can […]