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  1. Kaitlin I watch so many of your videos..I don’t understand how you don’t want paranoid violent schizophrenic people like my best friend who could own a gun …there’s a good reason why not every single human being should own a gun. I think the medication you take, as smart as you are has made you paranoid

  2. I agree with some of kaitlyns politics, when people admit that they're ignorant she chooses to make fun of them rather than try and educate, which is a shame . Some of these people are willing to learn and are simply ignorant.

    This was exemplified when that black dude, (I think his name is Joel Patrick) was talking to a black girl and trying to politically persuade her, but Kaitlyn just goes for the low hanging fruit and takes every chance to make fun of people

  3. These videos are why the children on campuses get riled up. They are afraid of her because she really exposes their stupidity. That's why at these protest you see leaders of the protest run around and tell people not to talk to her. The leaders are afraid of everyone looking stupid at the rallies.

  4. I’m a Democrat but I’m pro second amendment I don’t think she should say democrats want to take away guns because not all of them do.

  5. Sending love and support from the UK. We must stand together all over the world against these maniacs that will literally believe anything. Wow.

  6. Looks like you're learning regarding advertisements. So happy to see that.

    Basically, if Brainforce is not an unhealthy amphetamine derivative (like Ritalin) or other stimulant like coffee, YOU NEED TO BE UPFRONT AND EXPLAIN THAT!!! Some people here know enough about biology and brain chemistry to understand stuff like that "limitless drug" are either going to be a highly dangerous stimulant or else ineffective. I'm not religious but I believe that if God intended man to have altered/enhanced sense, he would have created him that way and not forced him to consume unnatural substances.

    If its instead all-natural healthy ingredients that make you feel better, you should advertise that.


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