Is It Normal for Men to First Follow a Woman and Then Act Indifferent When She Shows Interest?

It is both hurting and demeaning for a woman when they find that the man, who just some time back was chasing them with so much vigour, is now backtracking with the same intensity just when she has begun to warm up to him. Read on if you are all at loss and want to be in the know of such behaviour.

It is a kind of a self test for men
Men always want to know how desirable they are to women. They might chase a woman without really having any interest in her as they just want to see how the woman will react to their overtures. Once they find the woman respond positively to their advances their objective is achieved and they walk away.

The «hunter instinct» is alive and kicking
If a man comes across a woman who for him is above par and difficult to get, then the hunter instinct will kick in just for the thrill of the chase and to satiate his own ego. He starts losing interest in the woman when she begins showing interest in him because he wasn’t chasing her with an intention of getting into a relationship with her in the first place.

The thrill is gone, he will be too
He has chased the woman with all the intensity he is capable of and has succeeded in getting her by his side. True, he might have found her attractive when he started out but that was when she was out of his reach. He finds the fun and excitement of the chase more exciting than the woman and so he begins to step away.

He is the non committal type
Many men, without being aware of if themselves are non committal type of people. So, even if they chase a woman with the purpose of a relationship, once the woman starts reciprocating; their essential fear of having to commit comes to the forefront and they start beating a hasty retreat.

His love for freedom outweighs that of the woman
Men are sticklers when it comes to letting go of their freedom. They are plain horrified at the thought of giving up a carefree life and the single status. This is simply because it allows them to keep their options open. So, they actually see it as a threat when the woman they have been chasing begins warming up to them.

Reality has turned out to be different than imagination
He just had a pretty picture and an imagination of what she would be like when he started chasing her. And if he finds that the woman is not what he had envisioned in his mind, he begins to walk away.

What was once great has now become ordinary fare
There is no one really to blame here. The woman was an enigma and a mystery to be solved when the chase was on. But now that it has happened and with the woman now by his side, life is back to its usual humdrum, his interest will begin to wane.

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