The Truth About Intuitive Healing

The psychiatrists and scientists have begun accepting that we are all blessed with inner wisdom that is beyond reasoning, logic or our busy analytical mind. It's your inner feeling that urges you to do something. It's the voice in your subconscious mind that shows you the right path or warns you of a potential danger. It's your intuition. Gut feeling is nothing like predicting the future or fortune telling. It is your spiritual voice that guides and motivates you to heal your body, form healthy relationships and cherish the life.

How can You Connect to Your Intuition?

Though some people call it mysterious or dangerous, intuition is an absolutely natural process. It is an extension of your conscious and subconscious mind. We often receive intuitive messages as a hunch, a sudden physical sensation, a dream, a gut feeling or a snap-shot like flash. In whatever form it comes, the voice of your inner self tells you if anything about your body, spirit or emotions is out of sync.

In fact, everyone has the intuitive power but we fail to reap its benefits. We write our intuition off thinking that it's mere coincidence or we simply don't believe it's true. There are many others who get the messages but the chaos of life and lack of mental peace leave them no chance of considering their intuition.

Last week my neighbor Lisa shared her story with me and she emphasized that it was an amazing coincidence until I told her what it actually was. Lisa is a professional CFA. Once day while working through papers in her office, she suddenly had a gut feeling that she should call the plumber to repair the old pipes at home.

She had noted the plumber's contact number in her diary when that guy visited her place a couple of weeks ago. But Lisa did not bother to look it up into her diary. Ignoring her feeling, she concentrated on the papers in hand.

After about three days when she returned home at 6:15 pm, Lisa hadn't even stepped into the house before she listened the water flowing through broken old pipe in the basement. She was amazed! She instantly called the plumber to fix it. Though everything got back on the track once the plumber replaced old pipe with the new one, it took more than one hour to control the situation.

The Power of Intuitive Healing.

Intuition has an immense healing power. It doesn't directly heal your physical illnesses, but penetrates deeper inside you to eradicate the negative or blocked energy. Intuitive healing restores your health and energy balance — physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally.

Healing process involves movement from lower to higher rate of consciousness. Visualization and imagery are the key components, where you envision that the blockage of energy is slowly being dismantled piece by piece.

Intuitive healing is widely used in the treatment of depression, mental disorders, pain, joint stiffness, tumor, anxiety and many other ailments. Certainly, you can never go wrong if you follow your intuitive voice, because your intuition is always geared towards your well-being.

Be true to yourself. Looking at the current popularity and use of intuitive healing in advanced medicine, people have realized that the future of medicine lies in integration of technological advancement with intuition.

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