Several Ways of Getting a Positive Answer from Your Woman

I think EVERY man has a chance to get a positive answer. You just got to know the ways. I've seen a lot of couples here. Indeed, some men were like Hollywood actors, always smart and handsome, booking the best rooms at hotels and easily spending their money. This is the most attractive type for women but they are not numerous. The majority of men are quite common: tall and short, stout and thin, with long and short hair … But ALL of them without exceptions have found their happiness with Russian ladies.


Now secrets! OK, I'm ready to share them.

It's very important to remember that in a personal meeting you can see your partner but over the Internet you CANNOT SEE him / her. And visa versa. It's bothering, isn't it?

Well, you benefit here because you have already seen the girl's profile and her picture. Add some imagination and you have her quite complete image in mind! What about her? She can see only your letter and nothing more !!!
The first thing you can do is describing yourself!

Well … You can make the following conclusion: give the woman the information she is eager to know. Tell her about your work, age, place of living, your previous marriage experience and of course children (if you have them).
In real meeting we can miss something because it is clear from our appearance and the context of conversation. When writing letters you need to mention everything because talking to nobody is typical to the clients of another establishment that is an insane asylum :). Do you agree?

I have already mentioned that you benefit from the very beginning because you have already seen your woman's profile and her pictures. You have a good notion of the girl you are writing to! Be honest and noble. And don't forget to introduce yourself.

OK, let's assume you have given her the main information about you. Does that mean you are going to succeed? Maybe for some women. But we are trying to get a positive answer from the most fastidious woman. She is good-looking, intelligent and young. So, we have to work with our letter a little bit longer.

You've contoured your shape and now you need to fill it in. The content is not important (you can write about your Granny who used to say you have to marry as soon as possible, your dog that's going to bear puppies or … weather). What matters is your optimistic and warm style plus more kind words. Add your sense of humor and you'll succeed!

It is going to characterize you better than "I'm kind, clever and caring. If you like me write me please!" 🙂 Think no letters like this?
I'm not giving you examples of successful letters here. Just imagine the number of women who are going to receive similar copied letters! 🙂
I know well you are able to compose wonderful letters yourself. We are just trying to direct you. Here are some pieces of good advice for you:

— Comment on her profile. You must have been interested in HER profile if you made up your mind to write THIS woman. Tell her about it and ask her questions because it will be easier to her to write an answer to you. If you only knew how happy women are when reading you are interested in their children in the very first letter!

If you don't feel lie asking her question because her profile is quite detailed and clear just ask he about something that is important for you (her attitude to family for example).

— An interesting issue to be dwelled upon in your first letter is the reasons of your seeking a Russian wife. Anyway, women are always interested in this and you'll have to tell he about it sooner or later.

— Compliments. A very controversial topic. Of course any woman likes compliments but hearing compliments from an alien can be embarrassing to dome of them. Care to know the most horrible compliment you can tell her? "You must have got a thousand letters already!" You see, nobody gets so many letters in our agency. If anyone did but failed to choose someone from such a great range of men it arouses our suspicions. And what about a woman hearing all that? What is she to answer you? Anyway, she's going to have the feeling of resentment …

Another case is when a man makes amazing compliments and a woman is almost in love with him but her second I tell her, "Be careful, he's telling you all these good words now but can suddenly disappear to make you suffer."
Whatever, your first letter is to be concrete rather than lyric.
One of our women-clients NN gets plenty of letters. When our translator comes up to some lyrical places in men's letters she always says: "OK, just miss it. What is point of his letter?" Nonsense! But don't think our women are not romantic. Nope! They just don't feel safe talking to I-don't-know-whom. In your following letters you'll be able to show her all the tenderness you've been keeping inside you for many years :).

— The size. One-passage letters are not very interesting to read. Long letters arouse women's suspicion: He's so talkative! He is ready to open his heart to anyone? What should you do? No definite answer. Just your letter is to be interesting to read. But 1 page is more than enough.

— Pictures. Women are usually fascinated to see your picture in the first letter. But your picture can also be the reason of her refuse. Sometimes a messy letter and a "bright" picture make her do this because everything's clear to her in this case. It's hard to give you any special piece of advice here. If you are sure that you are charming and attractive you'd better attach your picture of course. But make sure it is hi-fi and you like it yourself. Besides, your face and body contour should be seen clearly. It may sound a little bit cynic but we always pay attention to all this stuff meeting a person for the first time, don't we?

If you are not sure you are a superman try to describe you in words. Your sense of humor can make your story very funny! Don't forget to promise your picture in your next letter. Maybe your woman will be so interested in your letter that she will accept you no matter how you look. A reasonable woman chooses a character of her husband but not his appearance. She puts her life at stake because she has to move to your country and live there without close friends or relatives (except you of course). You are going to be her only close man there. His appearance of a Hollywood actor is appreciated but it is not the main thing. Here are the words of one of our clients Lena K., who's been living in the USA for about a year already:

"Thank you girls for helping me to make a right choice! Kevin is my closest person and he is so tolerant to me. I do need it now because my English is still very poor. My husband is very kind and tender. I don ' t know what would be with me if I would have chosen a picture but not a Man. We do love each other and are very happy! "

However, some women are not so reasonable and your picture matters a lot to them.

The things women are scared of:

1. Never send her pictures of you in swimming trunks. Her possible reaction is:

— Couldn't he out on a shirt?

— He must be a pervert! What he wants: to marry or just have fun?

— Why this picture? I look so light-minded?

But men wearing suits and bow-ties are supposed to be respectable and serious. However, these are extremes. Remember that your smile and eyes should be seen well but your body should be covered with appropriate clothes

2. Never ask your girl to send you her picture in bikini. No comments.

3. Don't discuss sex issues in the first letter.

4. Mind your age difference. If you are 50 you can hardly expect a positive answer from your 18-year-old girl as well as 25-year-old one. 35 is possible. Just you have to remember that marriages between people with the age difference of more than 15 years are not typical to Russia. And if she agrees to communicate with you perhaps she is not interested in your personality but in something else you have.

The last way of taming your woman is attaching a present to your letter. It may be a rose. A red one means your passion, a white one is very romantic. You'd better not make expensive presents. If a woman feels very obliged her letters to you can hardly be frank. Just give her something cheap and touching (a toy or a flower) and it will make her see you much more positively. No refuse in our working experience! 🙂

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