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How many good uplines did you met for your internet marketing career? Some, any, not at all? How much you were complaining about that? A lot, sometime, never? Of course upline can be no help whatsoever, and you just might consider yourself lucky in this case, because upline can also destroy you physically and mentally, even more- it can prevent your success. It's just like your old boss from "regular" job, who you hate so much. Remember? Is it not the one of the reasons you are made a decision to be without any? But wait, don't leave yet; I have news for you. You still will have a boss, and much more important, it's name is Mr. ItsMajestyMarketing. It is your new Boss and Master; so, don't worry about upline, and start studying Marketing.

Now, not to be next guru here, but just to share experience. I was in offline, corporate business for over 10 years, before I decide to try myself in Internet Marketing. I love Marketing, because Marketing brings customers (or partners), customers bring sales, sales bring profit. Here it is, the key word of any business, the purpose of starting any company — to create wealth. And Marketing is the wheel of any business, because there are no customers without marketing, no customers no sales, no sales no profit. Yes, the same circle, only visa versa. Big, unpleasant NO profit on the end. However, the good news (at list for me) is that offline and online marketing are very similar. I formulated for myself to remember, and fallow, three basic principals of marketing.

Principle number one: Nothing happens until you make a sale!

Everything starts with sale! Thus, we need customers. But great customers do not just appear: they are made! This is universal principle. Applying it to Internet Marketing you have to remember — we are in intellectual distribution business! Intellectual distribution is educating your customers how your product or / and services can help, and improve their life, product, or / and services. Intellectual distribution is discovering for your customers something they need, but did not know before of it's existence. This is a crucial principle, and saying "customers" I mean your leads, and potential partners as well.

Principle number two: A deal is only good when it is good for both parties.

Pretty much obvious: sales have to be profitable for you, and meet, or better yet exceed expectations of customers, because you want repeating sales. Even if you are selling some system, and each customer will purchase only one product, you want his / her referrals !! And remember, whatever you will tell your prospect, he will have only one question circling in his mind: what's in it for me? That is a principle inside of the principle. Just like you knew upfront what's in it for you. That is a point of your thoughts before you even start selling process.

Principle number three: Grow your business geometrically!

What do I mean? Geometric growth comes from four angels: from existing customers, from new customers, from existing products, and from new products. Sell ​​existing product to existing customers; sell existing products to new customers; sell new product to existing customers; sell new product to new customers. Oh, yes, it means you have to create and / or ad something new constantly, or they — existing / new — will not be happy. And you want repeating sales, and referrals! You want them happy!

This is your new job description under your new boss. You thought you can relax, when you discharged your old one? Sorry, there is no such a thing. And this is why it has to be your only dream — that "own" business (synonym-headache for 99.9% of people), before you jump into it. It's like having a baby: once you got it — you do not belong to yourself anymore.

Are you still here? Here is a bonus for your patience. Do not get scared by those principles, you knew all of them very well for long time, you just forgot about it. Remember when you were a kid. What was your favorite ice -cream? Chocolate? What was your strategy to get it? Angel face, or tears? Was your mom buying it for you? Of course she did! Was it a good deal for both of you? Of course it was! Did you try the same trick on your older sister? Oh, yes you did! Did it work? Sometimes! Just like Internet! How many ice creams did you eat for your life? A lot? Congratulations! You were born to be a Marketer!

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